Mega Bass Vision 110 Jr. +1 Review

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The Mega Bass vision 110 +1 Junior laying face forward on a worn wooden ground.

Let me start by saying this jerk bait is pretty amazing. Now, I know what you’re thinking – I’m not spending $20 on a bass fishing lure! Trust me, I’m with you there. In fact, I hold this lure as an exclusive, cold water fishing lure only. There are plenty of erratic moving jerk baits for pre-spawn all the way through fall that don’t break the bank.

And I’m not losing a lure that costs an arm and a leg with no fish included! But, as an open water jerk bait, this lure pretty much guarantees a solid diving depth and perfect action, and if you’re smart about where you fish, you’ll use this bait season after season. I’ve fished it now in the low 40 degree water temperatures and concluded its my primary jerk bait for suspended winter bass. Also, if you’re looking for that missing peace of the puzzle when fish are pressured, you’ll find it with the Jr. +1.

Diving Depth

The vision 110 +1 separates from the rest of the 110s by diving deeper. But the +1 Jr. takes it a step forward by presenting a smaller profile bait fish, which works great around weary-to-sound and size fish. However, the diving depth is what really stands out to me. Three to four reel cranks and I’ve got it running at 7 1/2 ft. This is why I’d recommend fishing it where you know for certain you’re in the right depth range. That extra few feet is perfect for reaching that sweet spot in winter, but comes at a steep price if your around brush.

With this fast diving depth and perfect suspension and balance, it makes the vision 110 +Jr. a highly specialized bait for cold water. It gets right where it needs to be and performs fast. This depth is perfect for offshore drops, rock piles, and bluff walls. The bill is angled differently than the vision 110 which gives it that quick dive and for a little bait, I sure feel the resistance down there.

Jason is holding the megabass vision 110 +1 Junior on a boat dock with lake water blurred in the background.

Mega Bass Vision 110 +1 Jr. Balance

Top-notch hardware allows this bait to dart and pauses nose down with perfect balance. Most jerk baits I use during spring and summer rely on that supper erratic action to call attention. But the Vision 110 +1 Jr. has a subtle to-and-fro action, almost a hopping-like action that surprisingly appears more life-like. On the pause, the Jr. suspends perfectly without no rising or falling.

In the right depth, this has been absolutely perfect on ponds and offshore structures. I throw it on a 7’0″ medium-heavy spinning rod with 10 lb mono. For me, this is a balanced combo. But the way this bait breaks and then darts around on the jerk is what really sets it aside. Again, not relying too much on erratic action. One thing I noticed, the bait never loses its good balance when fished slowly. When I speed up, it continues holding that perfect balance.

Mega Bass Vision 110 +1 Casting

The +1 Jr is definitely downsized to present a smaller baitfish but still has a great internal weight transfer system that lets you bomb it out there pretty far. I can almost always cast it far enough on a spinning rod and then give it a few aggressive jerks to get it down to 8-9 ft. Between 8-10 lb line is good for casting and action. I fished it in wind recently. It casts pretty well, even with 12 mph wind cutting sideways against the bait.


The hooks on this thing are a little thin and weak. In fact, I broke the tip of a hook off just using pliers to remove it from my own sleeve! For winter, this is fine, in my opinion. I’m not expecting a massive strike above a forest of thick vegetation. They’ve held up well on the fish I’ve caught off hard bottom drops and brush piles. But in summer, you might want to think about upgrading to more durable hooks.

Final thoughts

The Megabass Vision 110 +1 Jr. separates itself from the rest of the vision 110s with its fast dive capability to 7 1/2 ft and smaller profile. These features make the Jr. 110 a perfect specialized lure for pressured, offshore bass as well as cold water. For the price, you’re getting what you pay for, and you’re getting a lot! The balance on this thing is unrivaled among other jerk baits. The subtle life-like action is a perfect trigger for bass that have seen the same slightly more erratic presentation all season, and the downsized profile is great when your bass are feeding on smaller bait fish.

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  1. Yea, Jason, where I live I hear that all the time. ” I ain’t givin’ no $24 for some foreigner lure, not when I can spend it on 2 shots of Jack Black on Friday night ! ”
    OK, Skeeter McWifebeater, yall just keep throwing those $2.99 Wally World specials on 60 lb Stren.. More fish for the rest of us.
    Yup, I heard it before.

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