The Lucky Craft Pointer SP Review

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The Lucky Craft Pointer SP Laying on a wooden deck

It’s Fall again! Time to bust out the moving baits- the cranks, the jerk baits, the bluegill swim baits, the finesse swim baits, you name it! It’s that time when bass are aggressive and chasing fish in large schools. I love reviewing lures around this time because why not? Especially jerk baits. The Lucky Pointer SP has got to be one of the most precisely detailed baitfish imitators out there. No joke! And I was stoked to get to work and give a quick review of this thing.

The Lucky Craft Pointer: Action

My first experience with this lure was trolling it behind a big silver flasher and a 6 oz cannon ball weight on a threeway swivel. I wanted to unleash its full action on a straight retrieve, and hopefully entice a Striped bass nearby. No bites. But man, was the action on this thing life-like. The side-to-side action on a straight retrieve is wide and very noticeable and gets moving fast, which is why it worked well being trolled. It’s obvious this thing would be a killer multi-species lure for halibut, salmon, musky, or any fish with teeth.

Twitch, Pause, and Flash

The pointer twitches and pauses perfectly and has a great flash that calls out like a beacon. Fall is a great time to fish the pointer if the bass on your lake are feeding on bait fish. The 4″ Lucky Craft Pointer is the sweet spot for me in terms of action and full profile. I’ll fish this thing when I know those fish are feeding heavily on larger shad.


I think this is where much of the money went into developing this awesome bait.  I’ve never seen such a beautifully detailed fishing lure. Upon close examination, it has color contrast and cracked scales as you would see on a live fish, which adds to the incredible life-like action in the water. If the bass is hesitant before, they won’t be after catching a quick glimpse of this lure as it pauses before them.

Luck Craft Pointer: Perfect Eyes

The Lucky Craft Pointer being held in hand showcasing the large 3D eyes

I’ve always been a sucker for pretty eyes. This bait has perfect 3D eyes that really stand out. When shad are schooling and all look like one another, I like my baits to stand out. And often, you can accomplish this by throwing a bait with larger eyes. Some guys will even paint their lure’s eyes red for the reason. The size range of this product also allows you to size up or size down based on the bait fish in your lake. As I mentioned before, the 4″ Lucky Craft was killing it on The California Delta slews, but for smaller bait fish presentation, go smaller.

Rattling Sound

The Pointer produces a good rattle sound through the water. For a Fall jerk bait, it stands out to aggressive fish. And with its detailed body and action, it’s perfect either on a straight retrieve or a twitch and pause. I found a slow roll, straight retrieve followed by a quick rip, and pause was effective on the California Delta with water temperatures hanging in the low 70s.




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