The Strike King Junior Splash Popper Review

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The Junior Splash Popper laying on a wooden surface.

I got a chance recently to put the Strike King Junior Splash popper to use. I fished it up-shallow and offshore, and I can say that this top water will be in my arsenal for the rest of the season. It gets the job done with pretty good action and calls out to fish from a distance. I’ll be using it for multiple scenario fishing like covering water for smallmouth and along shallow weed lines.


As a smaller lure at 3/16 oz, this little guy fires out there pretty well, even on heavier lines. I found success using a 6’6″ spinning rod and 10 lb fluorocarbon fishing the main lake point in the early evening. Around sparse cover, I switched to 20 lb braided line and it still casts well.

Of course, it’s no walking bait like a frog with long-range capabilities, but it’s perfect for small water fishing like ponds, creeks, and rivers, especially in late fall after those fish have seen every manner of top-water walking baits. However, don’t fear the bait caster! This little guy fires out there surprisingly far, and it’s definitely not an ultralight lure.

Junior Splash Popper: Action

The action of the junior splash popper is loud and aggressive. It spits water and chugs along like its big brothers and moves water well enough to call attention across several yards. I remember being in an area around a dock with the smaller fish present; the kind of place a 1/2 oz jig or full-size KVD sexy dawg would spook the fish away.

The Junior Splash Popper laying face down on a wooden dock.

I switched to the junior popper and immediately received small but fun blow-ups. But it works well for pressured 2-3 lb bass, too, and smallmouth. As I mentioned, around lake points, I experienced short strikes on a hedon spook. After I switched to the junior splash: WHAM!

Other Features

I like the paint and design of this lure with its 3D eyes. This goes a long way in late fall when bass are chasing baitfish. A large pair of distinguishable eyeballs can separate your bait from the shoals of fish passing along the bank. The overall size is awesome, too. It’s less invasive in smaller water and draws attention from larger fish for its ability to stand out; it’s not a buzz bait, and it’s not a giant walking bait either. And I feel like guys are throwing those a lot toward the end of summer as fish are fattening up for winter.

Junior Splash Popper: Hooks

I’ve always been impressed with Strike Kings Hooks. Personally, I have no need to replace them or sharpen them. I tend to throw the Junior on braid anyway, which adds power to my hook sets, and of course, I fish it in open water where fish can’t dig deep into heavy cover and wrench themselves off.

Final thoughts

The Junior splash popper is an awesome, smaller lure for pressured fish and looks great. It casts well ( surprisingly for a light lure). You can sling it on braid, fluorocarbon, or mono and it holds fish on pretty well. I’ll be fishing this little guy till the end of fall.

Check it out!

The Junior Slash Popper 

KVD Splash Hard bait 

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