The Googan Squad Filthy Frog Review

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The Googan Squad Filthy Frog hooked into the corner of a large mouth bass.

The Googan Squad Filthy Frog has been around for a while and admittedly I hadn’t thrown it until recently. It’s got some good (and less-than-good ) qualities but all in all, it stands up well in the top-water arena.

Body, Action, Color

The filthy frog has an interesting profile. The side edges of the body are sharp and the face comes to a nice point. There aren’t any built-in appendages like tucked legs as you see on other frogs. But, this provides a sleek and stealthier presence and also doubles as a baitfish imitation across the surface. Simultaneously, it slips well through the brush.

This is one feature I crave in a frog lure, that it can be one of two things – a fish or a frog. I like the color schemes of the filthy frog, too. This also adds to its ability to imitate several species. They’ve got a nice line ranging from solid white and black to natural greens and dark yellows, and everything in between. I’ve become a huge fan of the Googan Squad’s commitment to color on their lures.

But, the action of this thing in open water, in my opinion, doesn’t hold up to other frogs. Producing a full walking action takes quite a few pops in the line.

But over surface cover and heavy top-water brush, the filthy frog shines! It’s like a little bulldozer and never gets hung up. I notice the action is pretty awesome when this thing plows over surface slop, almost the way a popping frog would push collected plant material around, this frog achieves a similar action

Googan Squad Filthy Frog: Casting And Hooks

The filthy frog’s size allows for a long and surprisingly accurate cast. My experience so far has been fishing it in 2-3′ and walking it along ( and often over) sparse surface cover and along tule lines. For this, accuracy is pretty necessary. Like most frogs, you can cast this thing a mile with little effort, which is more expected than it is an add-on.

Hook-wise, no disappointment here. The Filthy Frog is advertised as a lure that can really get through the heaviest surface cover. As a result, this thing is outfitted with some pretty large, impressive hooks. And on the topic of hooks, they run flush with the body of the frog and push out well providing a solid hook-set opportunity.

Final Thoughts

The Filthy Frog is definitely a heavy hitter. It’s a lure for those sloppy surfaces of green. As I said, the walking action is fine, but a little hard to get going quickly when compared to baits like the Savage Gear Lily Ninja. 

But overall, it’s a frog lure I’ll definitely throw around cover during the warmer months. The colors


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