Savage Gear Lily Ninja Frog Review

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I fished the California Delta recently and the frog bite was hot – a perfect time to test out The Savage Gear Lily Ninja. If you’re looking for a solid walking bait and /or bluegill imitation, this lure gets the job done. Admittedly, I haven’t tried the popping version of this bait, but it displaces water a lot and digs down well into grass mats from what I’ve read. But overall, I’m impressed with the Lily Ninja walking version. It’s got all the features I look for when fishing a frog/baitfish imitation.

Casting And Action

No problems here, this lure casts beautifully. One good cast and it goes where I want it. Using a light feathering technique, I can put this frog down quietly along weed lines and move it along without spooking any weary post-spawn bass. Action-wise, I don’t think I’ve fished a frog easier to walk than the Lily Ninja. It walks the second I start my retrieve and displaces water moderately.

Savage Gear Lilly Ninja: Forage Immitation

Imitation is key. When post-spawn a bass focuses on bluegill, the last thing I try to imitate is frogs. This all comes down to color and speed of walking, and how well it can overlap from frog to bait fish. Although, part of me always wants a frog lure to hold the traits of a frog on the off chance that the fish is feeling green. The Lily Ninja Frog has the quick action required for fast-moving bluegill imitation as well as good color scheme options. It also holds traditional frog features, so it’s a double killer in my eyes.

Savage Gear Lilly Ninja: Hooks

The Savage Gear Lilly Ninja Frog being pressed in on, exposing a pair of rear hooks.

The hooks are strong. As far as hooking fish goes, they stick well. They stay pretty flush with the body of the frog and they manage heavy cover pretty well. So far, I’ve flipped it toward the back of thick tules and walked it back out with no snags. I’ve walked it over topped-out grass, skipped it under overhangs, and brushed it along roots and other woods without any problems. And speaking of skipping, the Savage Gear Lily Ninja skips like a champ! I got under low-hanging trees on the Delta and around old wooden structures.

Final Thoughts

The Lilly Ninja has a great walking action and a decent pair of rear hooks. It’s got a minimal snag quality, cool color lines, and skips decently. These are all the qualities I look for in a frog. You can bet I’ll have this little guy tied on all summer for when I want that quieter top water.




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