The 3 Best Senko Setups That’ll Get You More Bites

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The Senko is an all around, fish-catching bait used by anglers all over the country.  It’s the only bass lure anglers can use for those days when it feel like a grind and catch fish. For this reason, it’s wise to have a diverse range of worm presentation. Having an understanding of how to rig your plastic worms will pay off on those grinder days when nothing else seems to work.

So what are the best ways to rig a senko?

1.) Senko Weighted Texas Rig

The weighted Texas rig is one of the best senko set-ups for fast fishing. Like a missile, it slips into shoreline cover, skips under docks, and works perfect in pre-spawn and post-spawn. The two worms I use are the a five inch and six inch. Hook style will vary, but generally I use a size 5-6 OT straight-shank worm hook when dealing with heavier cover. For weight, I’ll stick to a 3/16 bullet weight. This allows me to pitch my lure where I want it, fast. For a softer entry, I like to go with the lightest weight possible.

Best Senko Setups: Where To Fish It

  • Along tully lines
  • Over hanging trees
  • Boat-docks
  • Grass lines
  • Spawning beds

2.) Wacky Rig

A wacky rig worm with a lake in the background, showing the buoyant material making this one the best senko setups.

The wacky rig is a perfect finesse presentation for virtually anywhere. If open water fishing is your thing, you can rig a wacky set-up on a spinning rod and  6-10 lb flurocarbon and start slinging around cover. Around grassy areas, this worm set up is perfect for laying on top of grass beds. Action wise, the Yamamamto Senko out-fishes most other worms and when fished weightless, it triggers some huge bites, especially in those hotter months.

Best Senko Setups: Where To Fish It

  • Light grassy areas
  • Tully lines
  • Open water
  • Hard bottoms
  • Isolated grass

3.) Senko Weightless Texas Rig

A weightless presentation has two advantages: its rigged weedless, allowing you to set your worm on top of cover or slip into grass, and avoid hangups. It also makes a quiet entry. When fishing in shallow water cover, I like to avoid a big splash. A weightless set up is perfect for placing a lure in-front of a bass without spooking them. Better yet, it falls slowly to them with that classic Yamamoto action.

The best senko setup - a weightless texas rig laying on a wooden boat -dock.

Best Senko Setups: Where To Fish It

  •  Weedlines
  •  Boat-docks at mid-day
  • Shady Pockets along grass lines
  • Overhanging trees and willows
  • Spawning beds

The Senko is one of those baits that simply works. It’s the tried and true. It works Texas rigged, weightless, wacky style, and it catches fish on every body of water across the country. Check out other senko rigging styles like the drop-shot and Carolina Rig.

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