Rapala Floating Minnow Review

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Rapala Floating Minnow Review

There aren’t many ultralight fishing  lures like the Rapala Original Floating Minnow.

As a multi species lure, it dominates. On small ponds, slews, and creeks, the F05 – F07 are the top performing, ultralight fishing lures. For this reason, the floating minnow is always in my tackle box for small water tactics.

Whether casting upriver or twitching past grass -lines, it gets slammed, a lot! As always, Rapala maintains a robust range of sizes with unrivaled action. Additionally, they offer a huge range of sizes perfect for targeting any species. It can get mind-boggling, but let me break it down for you…..

Rapala Floating Minnow Sizes

The sizes are F03, F05, F07, F09, F11, F13, and F18.

Each lure provides an increase in size all the way to the F18 which has a body length of 7″ and a diving depth of 6’11.” For a full size chart, you can check out Rapala’s website. 

I tend to fish smaller floating minnows during the summer because they get a bit a lot. Also, having that size range gives me a ton of options to play with.Rapala Floating Minnow Sizes

But, My obsession with this lure is due to its ability to attract multiple species.

For example, the F03 in solid silver/grey and rainbow trout pattern produces bites from bass, trout, crappie, and bluegill, which is why I recommend using it when you’re fishing with kids. You may not get the biggest fish on the lake, but you’ll get a lot of bites.


As a primary search bait, I like fishing it in streams and rivers during warmer months for trout. I’ll throw the F05, F07, and F09 in brown trout and rainbow colors upstream, retrieve them downstream, and give it a few twitches, letting the current do the rest. The F03 in standard grey ( pictured below)  is perfect for clear water scenarios and works well as a trolling lure, too.

The F03 Rapala Floating Minnow held in hand.
Rapala F03 Original Floating Minnow

For larger, more aggressive brown trout or trophy rainbows, I’ll size up to the F09- 11 and let it rip around brush piles and drop-offs.


Sadly, in the world of bass fishing, the original minnow has been overshadowed. But, like any jerk bait, you can twitch and pause, allowing the minnow to rise slowly, then continue your cadence, imitating a wounded minnow.

For colors, I like to use anything light that imitates shad like the color “vampire” or gray and silver.

Rapala Floating Minnow: Features

One feature I’m always impressed by is the minnow’s ability to twitch, pause, and rise. For me, this is perfect when casting around grass and wood. I use a smaller size like the F05 for its shallow diving depth and twitch above structure in the early morning and evening.

As an ultralight lure, I’ll use it in open water, mostly. If possible, I’ll slow roll it on the outside of dock pilings, trestles, and boat docks. But, on a 6’0″ light action and 6-8 lb. line, you’ll run the risk of that fish breaking off.

Rapala Floating Minnow

Final Thoughts

All in all, this legendary lure is a go-to for newbies and seasoned anglers alike. It pulls bites in fresh and saltwater and attracts fish across a wide spectrum.

We tend to forget about these classics in the storm of sharp, new-aged tackle, but I still have an entire box of em’ for mountain trout fishing and highland reservoir bass fishing.

Another honorable mention is the Rapala double-jointed minnow, which is perfect for trolling, and provides a real-life-like action. Check them out – they’ll slay this summer!

6 thoughts on “Rapala Floating Minnow Review”

  1. David L Schultek

    Have used them for over 50 yrs. Still use them in fresh and salt water with good results. My go to plug!

  2. Michael D Varle

    I’ve been using the repair floating minnows since I was 3 years old today I’m 68 to me it’s the best lore out there

  3. I use the F-18 size allot, mostly when I’m after pike but I’ve caught alot of Walleye and a few bass on that hook as well. My crazyest catch on the F-18 was a Goldeye that was over 24″ (they are usually around 14″, and caught on trout hooks). I let it go without doing any detailed measurements but later found out that it likely would have been a state record.

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