Best Heavy Flipping Jigs And How To Use Them

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Flipping a heavy cover jig can be a rewarding way to fish. On those warm days when the sun beats down on the water, fish will head to shade, boat docks, pockets, overhanging trees, undercut banks, anything that provides shade and ambush points.

These obstacles require a heavy tool for the job – heavy flipping / skipping baits. Some of the best jigs for me are  those that can pull through heavy cover with a stout weed guard and still allow for a good hook set. I’ve been flipping the  jigs below for a few years now and I have to say I’m impressed.

No-Jack Flipping Jigs

The No-Jack jig from Dirty Jigs is the bruiser of flipping lures. Built with the toughest weed guard and a black nickel hook, it plows through literally any cover in its way. This is the lure want for places where boat-dock cables and chains, heavy grass, and wood are present.

One feature I love is the compact build, which I favor when I’m spring fishing because it gives a larger target and profile when appetites are running  high.

Two No - Jack dirty Jigs laying on a rock beside a lake with heavy cover.

They’ve got high-definition skirt colors for poor water clarity and spot-on bait fish imitation. Flip them around anything big and scary and be prepared to rip it loose. Trust me, that tree will be sorry it ever fell.

Plus, the movement of yanking it through grass and boat-dock materials sets those fish off.  I like flipping these jigs on 40-50 lb. straight braided line and a 7ft medium heavy rod.

A 3/8 oz No-Jack flipping jig in alabama craw color with a reaction innovation sweet beaver trailer.
A 3/8 oz. No-Jack Dirty Jig in Alabama Craw with a Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver Trailer.

With their diverse color range, you can match any trailer to it. I like running with pumpkin green as a base color and add purples and browns for craw imitation like the Alabama Craw above. With this, I’ll pair it with a Rage Craw for  kicking action or Reaction Innovation Sweet Beaver for more sublet movement.

Strike King Tour Grade Skipping Jig

Okay, so skipping isn’t the same as flipping – I know that! But it’s all related. And the Strike King Tour Grade Skipping Jig is nice and durable for close-quarter angling, and doubles well as a flipping jig. But you can fish this thing anywhere at any time.

A black and blue strike king skipping jig with a blue rage craw on a wooden deck.
A 1/2 oz. Strike King Skipping Jig

Trim the skirt for a slimmer profile and you’ve got a cold water bait. Leave a full skirt, and you’ve got a large profile bait. It pulls through cover and skips into the tinniest openings – perfect for low hanging tree-lines and flooded bushes.

Flipping Jigs: Booyah Boo Jigs

Slightly underrated in my opinion, the Booyah Boo Jig has a double- barrel rattle system and a casting head, giving it an attractive fall through cover. When spring fishing, I’ll use a Rage Craw trailer for added action.  A pumpkin green slipping jig on a wooden deck.

Try flipping this jig around weediness and shaded pockets on 20-30 lb. braid and a medium heavy flipping stick. Use a trailer with good action for warmer waters. Again, the fall action of this jig is what sets it aside. I like the weed guard on this thing – it allows for a decent hook set.

Final Thoughts

Jig fishing is a dynamite way to catch quality fish. Using the above jigs for heavier cover will let you get where those monsters hide. Consider using heavy line and a medium heavy flipping rod with a higher gear ratio reel. Check out other brands such as Hard Hat Jigs and TNT Baits – the list goes on. Tight Lines!

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