Angler Shatters State Record Rainbow Trout ( Possibly)

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A beautiful, estimated 38.2 lb Rainbow Trout was caught by a man in Northern California.

When I hear anything fish-related in California, I get excited. Sure, we’ve all heard of the giants being pulled from Pyramid Lake, NV. Or the pen-fed, feral fatties of the New Zealand estuaries. But it inspires me more when it comes from my home state; a place still wild and full of hidden beasts. Moreover, it gives me hope these monsters are close enough to find. And for Josh Giordano of Northern California, he found a beast of his own when he landed an estimated 38 lb Rainbow Trout on December 7th from a diversion pool off the Feather River.

No Scale? No Problem.

Using a tape measure, Giordano obtained the length and girth of the fish. It measured 41 inches long with a girth of 27 inches. That’s a gargantuan Trout! Due to the absence of a scale, the weight was only estimated. What’s more, Giordano needed a certified scale if the fish were to go down in the books. In the end, he decided to release the beast in good spirits, but not without a solid few pictures with this trophy.

So, What Was He Using?

Apparently, he was throwing a swimbait under a slip bobber on a relatively heavy line. His rod was Okuma and his reel was a Pflueger President, which I have to say is an awesome rod-reel pairing, as I use the same thing.  According to Giordano, his experience alerted him to the situation the moment this trophy hit.

“When I hooked this fish I knew immediately how giant it was when it peeled off 150 yards of line in about 20 seconds.I have never seen the power of a fish like It. The fish continued to jump, tail walk and do things I’ve never seen fish do on the surface.”

Final Thoughts

The fight lasted a total of 1 hour and was full of line-peeling and adrenaline-infused action; an experience most anglers ( me) can only hope for. As expected, Giordano was nervous as the fish edged closer, flashed a silver lateral line of power and muscle, and peeled off again and again. What an awesome experience! But it leads me to see the value in our natural system.

Specimens like this are why conservation is so vital. Habitat restoration, size regulations, and reducing injury to fish; all of these being why natural beauties like Giordano’s massive Rainbow can thrive. The thought of an old soldierfish like this feeding upstream within hours of my home keeps the passion alive. Hopefully, this giant lives on, and presents another angler with the same experience!


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