The Rebel Tracdown Minnow Review

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The Rebel Tracdown has a unique, slim profile and an erratic action thats perfect for multiple species in North America.

Every year it seems I find a new jerk bait and really stick to it. This year ( and last year, too), while fishing multiple species, I found in clear water scenarios, that the Rebel Tracdown minnow with its slim profile and fast action was perfect for larger Trout specimens. But it’s a great lure overall and covers a whole range of species.

Action Is Key

Although you can fish several sizes of the Tracdown minnow, I found that the TD57  Brown Trout is perfect for late fall on California reservoirs. The action it produces is an erratic cut from side to side followed by a slow sink ( about 1 ft per second). The slow fall is the key to this lure’s success; a rip, pause, and a fall with a golden flash, perfect for low light scenarios around active trout. I like throwing the TD57on a medium-heavy power spinning rod with 10-15 lb braided line for better action. On a straight retrieve, the Tracdown maintains that side to side, point-left-point-right action. And you can fish it a number of ways. I like to fish a straight retrieve giving it a fast-twitch in the middle. But you can fish it with a twitch-twitch pause and really fire up some fish that way. And having that slow sink is useful. Like the Rapala Countdown, you can get to that depth you’re looking for when those fish are holding deep.


This lure fires out like a rocket, which is another reason I like to throw on a braided line. For having such a lightweight, this lure bombs out there when I need to make those long casts near schooling fish.

The Rebel Tracdown Ghost Minnow TD47

The TD47 is perfect for smaller fish all the way up to larger fish ( but mostly smaller size). These minnows are a go-to for winter fishing because you can fish them slow and deep. On ultralight tackle, let it sink, then follow it with a slow-twitch every few seconds, you’ll see what I mean. It’s perfect for Smallmouth Bass, panfish, and especially Trout.

Tracdown Minnow Colors

I’m going with the Brown Trout, as my reservoirs are loaded with wild trout, and many of them are on the larger side. But there are so many colors you can choose from to match your local waters. Some notable mentions:

  • Slick Rainbow Trout
  • Slick Black Minnow
  • Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout

In terms of detail, Rebel really nails it. I’d throw it in clear water with cloudy skies all day long. For a moving bait, it perfectly whips around and smears that color scheme of tasty baitfish across a predator’s face. The color patterns of the TD57 Brown Trout are my favorite. Ripping this lure around transmits an exaggerated, golden flash for several yards in every direction. This is that lure that even fools me for a moment as I bring my attention back to the water from somewhere else, and it’s all in the color pattern.


All in all, the Tracdown hooks are pretty strong. Although, it’s obvious looking at these hooks that they were designed to inflict as little damage as possible. This is why it’s a perfect lure for trout, I think. And despite the small hook size, I’d still take my chances of riping the Tracdown around for coldwater Largemouth Bass, despite the possibility of losing a fish or two.

But, I haven’t experienced a major loss yet and removing these hooks from the mouth of a trout – so far, no damage or losses. The TD47 comes with stock #10 Barbless Hooks, which are easily replaceable. They’re really thinking about the health and wellbeing of the fish, with I like. It also makes it easy to fish these lures on regulated waters.


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