Rapala Lures: 4 Awesome Reasons Why You Need To Fish Them

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Rapala lures have dominated the market for generations. In the 1930s, Lauri Rapala observed that predator fish target wounded baitfish – a simple yet deadly observation. He began carving a minnow lure from tree bark. After a minnow shape began to emerge, he fashioned it with treble hooks and an improvised bib. This was the first Rapala original floating minnow lure. And the rest is history.

Rapala has gone on to develop some of the best multi-species lures on the market. Whether you’re fishing walleye or largemouth bass and trout, Rapala has a place in every angler’s box.

Lure Selection

These lures have a wide selection from saltwater and freshwater application to deep and shallow running. But Rapala has it all and can be classified as;

  • Jerkbaits
  • Crankbaits
  • Topwaters
  • Jigs
  • Lipless Cranks

All of these lures go back to the theme Lauri Rapala set out to create- a wounded baitfish. Every Rapala lure is designed and tested to mimic a small fish on its last breath and can be retrieved multiple ways, allowing the angler to try different presentations. As a result, I’ve always had Rapala products front and center in my arsenal. Other awesome reasons these lures are simply top pick in any situation are;

1. Rapala Lures: Perfect Minnow Presentation

Yes, I know – there are other minnow lures, lots of them! But none that span the same range (or even close) as Rapala. It’s obvious that their objective is to hold focus on minnows, as each lure represents a different species with a precise action that triggers large predator fish to bite.

For example, the action of the original floating minnow and its different applications are unrivaled as it can be fished above shallow cover, twitched and paused, and straight retrieved. The detail perfected on each lure is also impressive when flashed quickly underwater. In other words, you’ll find yourself reaching for Rapala quite a bit.

2. Multi-Species Lure

Anglers around the world have a special place for these lures. As every large predator fish eats smaller fish, the options are limitless, and Rapala has a lure to match virtually every species and color scheme from shad to small trout, jacksmelt, stiped perch, bluegill, and colors across gold, silver, red, green, whatever you need. The company has studied, researched, and tank-tested every lure so that every presentation is perfect. As a result of their meticulous process from the woodshop to painting, and the test tank to the shipping floor, practically every predator species has been considered and prepared for.

Lures For Trout

Rapala minnows are a perfect bait fish imitation for larger trout species.

Some of my best catches occurred using a Rapala Countdown E7 rainbow trout lure. On those dog days of summer when the streams and lakes are hot and the trout seek cool, oxygen-rich water by holding deep, the Rapala countdown can reach them. In the early morning and evening, I can get an easy bite on an original floating minnow with the same build and color pattern.

Rapala Minnow Lures for Crappie

I once caught a day’s limit of crappie on the 2″ original floating minnow just by slow retrieving past a large train trestle where a school of crappie was stacked. As a result, I’ve now had several colors and sizes of the same minnow in my box. When thrown on light line, you can manage a straight retrieve, pause, and/or twitch and pause, and hook up on both crappie and bluegill under and around cover like docks and pillars. This ultralight fishing setup has provided me with opportunities to target multiple species and increase hookups. 

Rapala Lures For Small Mouth

Rapala produces legendary crankbaits lures for smallmouth, end of story. And they’re awesome for both large and smallmouth bass and are largely effective year-round. The DT4 and DT5 work great being ripped through grass and along ledges, and you’ll see the unrivaled action it produces as it has a reaction strike like no other. I like fishing this lure off the bank and offshore through cover. In short, these lures will produce a ton of action and should be considered when the bite is tough.

3. The Rapala Xrap

Few slash baits produce the same action seen by the X-rap. With a twitch-twitch-pause retrieve, you’ll be pumped to see how effective this turn-on -a dime jerkbait can be. It is particularly effective at targeting big German Brown Trout and Rainbow. Also, Rapala produces a killer variety of saltwater lures, and, as you would guess, they come painted in all patterns to mimic all species. My favorite application is freshwater when targeting active largemouth in late summer and early fall. At this time, you can let it rip and see how the lure accelerates and stops nose down and suspends, embodying Luri Rapala’s vision of a wounded minnow.

Rapala Lures stepped it up a notch when they designed the xrap slash bait. Perfect for multiple species, the xrap imitates a wounded minnow.
The Rapala X-Rap Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout Color patterns.


Rapala Lures: Jointed Minnow

The jointed minnow may seem like any old lure. However, a joint between the upper and lower body allows the fish to swim with a natural side-to-side movement; This is an amazing game-changer on pressured water. If you’re looking for a solid straight retrieve or trolling lure, you can’t beat the natural movement of the jointed minnow.



If you’re new to the water, try out Rapala products. You won’t be disappointed. Few lure companies have measured up to the wide range of species-specific detail found among Rapala’s line. They have consistently produced well-made, multi-species lures for fresh and saltwater applications, and have thrown more fish in the boat than most other companies. I always say “feed em’ what they want” and what fish often want are smaller fish! Whether you’re fishing ultralight or heavy braided line, fresh or saltwater, cranking or fishing topwater, Rapala has you covered!  See you on the water!





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